October 8, 2017

How to buy a cheap mountain bike online

Mountain biking is an exciting and fast sport, where you can work on your condition as well as the many beautiful nature that the Netherlands is rich in from a different point of view. There are several mountain biking trails that you can try and you can practice this sport alone, but also with a group of others. Because you make steep descents through narrow paths, drive over tree trunks and mul sand, the bike you choose is very important. Not only do you feel safe, but you should also be able to drive comfortably, to the least of shocks and to easily find the right gear. If you are thinking of buying a cheap mountain bike, there will be a lot of terminology that you may not know at the moment. This article tries to clarify this so that you purchase the right mountain bike for your posture and comfort.

The characteristics of a mountain bike

Mountain bikes, also known as MTB or ATB, are made to cater for all types of terrain and specialize in the offroad section. Consider unpaved forest roads, sandpaths, fields and hills. Therefore, these bikes have extra thick tires with a coarse profile for good grip and extra shock absorption. The pedals also have a profile because you have to stand regularly and therefore have to slip off. Mountain bikes are also very wide, the forks have a good shock absorption, they have excellent braking and a large number of gears. Mountain bikes are also light and made of aluminum or carbon, so you can easily carry the bicycle, if necessary. Baggage carriers are usually not because mountain bikes are not made to carry goods. As a mountain bike, a mountain bike is not suitable. If you are going to buy a cheap mountain bike, you will mainly use it for practicing the sport and use a city bike for other purposes.

Which mountain bike is right for you?

Before you buy a mountain bike, you can decide beforehand what you want the features to be. This makes searching much easier and this is especially useful when searching online. For a quality web shop, you can buy a cheap mountain bike for a significantly lower price than for the same model in the store. To make sure you buy the right bike, you can use the following seven tips.

The right size

Because you have to be comfortable on your mountain bike and you have to feel one by bike, the frame is very important. If you do not do this well, you can lose control of the bike or get physical complaints. You can easily calculate the right frame size by dividing your legs 15 centimeters and measuring the distance from your cross to the ground. This number multiplies you with 0.68 what yields the frame size. If you are in between two frameworks, always choose the lower number and do not rotate upwards. You can always adjust the saddle and steering wheel to compensate for this.

The right frame

If you are buying a cheap mountain bike then you have the choice between different types of frames and this is determined by the material. The most common types of mountain bike frames are carbon and aluminum. Both are light and strong, but carbon is often described as more comfortable. However, aluminum is significantly cheaper and also provides a good frame.

The suspension

The suspension of a mountain bike is often divided into three different categories, namely rigid (no suspension), hardtail (front suspension only), and fully (both front and back suspension of the mountain bike). The type you choose depends on the area. In the Netherlands a rigid or a hardtail is often enough because we do not know any big altitude differences and you can still get enough and ride a bike faster. A full suspension suspension is more expensive, but necessary if you intend to enter the mountains or to rough terrain.

The gear group

The gear group is determined during the disassembly of the bicycle and this involves the gears and brakes. Below gear group you can find a number of parts, such as the sprockets and the chain, brakes, shifters and crankshaft. The better the quality of your gear group, the more durable and more qualifying these parts. If you regularly go mountain biking, or through muddy and rough terrain, then it is wise to invest some extra money here, otherwise they will soon be replaced. The most famous manufacturers of acceleration groups are SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo, but a combination of this is also possible. If you want to buy a cheap mountain bike online, it may be wise to familiarize yourself well in advance. Fortunately, you can always replace the gearbox when you want to upgrade your bike without having to buy a new one. See also our article: ” Mountainbike linking groups, what are the differences? Shimano or SRAM? ‘

The kind of brakes

Mountain bikes require excellent braking systems, and this will greatly use you in the event of complicated descents in a mountain or hilly area. The best braking power comes from hydraulic disc brakes and most mountain bikes are equipped with this. Another option is braking brakes, but these will get you less and less because they simply work less well.

The right wheels

The type of wheel determines your comfort. There are 26 inch wheels, though they are getting less and less easy to make short turns and clamps. A 27.5 inch wheel or a 29 inch wheel is much more common and the bigger the wheel, the faster you can ride the bike and the greater the comfort, especially if you ride over rough terrain. If you are small yourself, a 29 inch wheel may feel too big for you, so this can also be a deciding factor when buying a cheap mountain bike.

The right front fork

Lastly, when choosing a new mountain bike, you should think carefully about the front fork type. This works as a shock absorber, which reduces your arms, back and wrists. If you want to buy a cheap mountain bike, you can choose from a suspension with air or with a steel spring. Butterfly with air is more expensive, but you also need to replace or repair it less often. If you want to temporarily rescue the suspension, if you ride a part on tarmac roads, for example, choose a mountain bike with a lockout function.

The various types of mountain bikes

You can already buy a cheap mountain bike for amounts starting at € 150 and these can easily rise to almost € 10,000. If you are a beginner and you do not know if you want to exercise the sport intensively, you would be crazy if you were to pay a big amount. However, if you start bicycling or want to compete in a race, you may want to buy a better and more expensive bicycle. In addition to the above choices, you will have to choose a particular type of mountain bike, as there are also different possibilities offered here.

The crosscountry mountain bike

For the Netherlands, the crosscountry mountain bike is very suitable because it is better to cycle faster on dirt roads than for steep descents in the mountains. Therefore, cross-country cycling is narrower and less widespread and tighter. You can make comfortable and fast long distances with a cross-country bike and not be hampered by road type. Are you really planning to buy your cheap mountain bike for mountain range, then this crosscountry version is not suitable.

The trailbike mountain bike

If you are looking for a mountain bike that can handle everything, both climbing and descending, a trailbike is the best option for you. These bikes are designed to handle a lot of load and are therefore robust and powerful. The wheels are wide and have a rough profile so you can control any type of terrain here. The steering wheel is often wider so that it is easier to control when driving quickly.

The downhill mountain bike

This mountain bike is designed specifically for descending. This allows you to take steep and technically complicated descents faster and easier, with a safe feeling. The brakes on this bike are therefore very good and the good suspension in the front fork protects your arms and shoulders. With this bike you can quickly descend, jump and maneuver, but for purposes other than that, he is not very suitable.

Electric mountain bikes

Finally, the electric mountain bikes are treated here, but considerably more models and types are available. Electric mountain bikes are equipped with a motor and a battery that can give you some extra support if you climb a steep bump. The disadvantage you have to keep in mind is that you buy a cheap mountain bike, that the electric mountain bike is significantly heavier due to the presence of the drive. However, you can use this type of mountain bike in most areas and for all purposes where mountain bikes are also suitable.

A short summary

If you want to buy a cheap mountain bike online, you are welcome to decide what type of bike you want. This makes choosing easier because online stores often offer a wide range of products. In addition, the specifications are very important, so determine the size, frame type, suspension, gear group, type of brakes, front fork and wheel size in advance. This prevents you from buying the wrong bike and regrets it afterwards. Hopefully, the choice made by the above information has become easier and you can quickly drive away on your new mountain bike.

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