September 12, 2017 Buy a bike online; cheaper, faster and easier

Buy a bike online; cheaper, faster and easier

If it’s time for a new bike, then you have ample choice. There are expensive bikes, cheap bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, race bikes, children’s bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bicycles, etc. Before you make the choice, it is important to inform yourself well, as there are many variations within these different categories. Since a bicycle is not a cheap purchase, and you are likely to invest a few hundred Euro in this, this is not a choice you need to make light. The type of bike you buy depends on what you want to do by bike and how often you want to use it. You can go to a bicycle shop and order a new bike, but did you know that buying cheap bikes online is just as easy and significantly cheaper?
Buying a bike online is cheaper

The great benefit if you are looking for a bike online, you will notice immediately; this is the price. Online you can find much cheaper bikes of similar brands and characteristics. This is because webshops do not have to pay for a showroom and can do so with less staff. A warehouse somewhere is enough. In addition, web stores often offer big discounts, and you can buy a cheap electric bike for a fraction of the price of the store. And because these webshops often buy a lot of bikes in advance, older models are offered with great discounts. If you want to pay a high quality bike, but not the main price, you will find it online.
Other benefits

There are also other advantages, except that buying a bike online is cheaper. Where people often complain about online shopping, it’s not possible to hold the product, and in this case, to make a test drive. Many webshops solve this by offering a number of service points, where you can go as a customer and try your bike. Regularly these service points are local bike stores that work with the online retailer. In addition, online reviews are available online as well as customer reviews, allowing you to get a good idea of the bike you are going to purchase. Another advantage is that you can always send the bicycle back and return the full amount if the bicycle does not pass. In addition, you can quickly get your bike home, it is often delivered free of charge, and at a time you can get it easy and fast and you just get a guarantee, just like a bike from a bicycle shop. Buying a cheap race bike was never so easy.
Contact with specialists

What many people are upset about, when it comes to online shopping, is that it’s not possible to ask a specialist for a question if you do not even get it. If you buy a bike online, you can always use one of the contact options to ask your question or visit one of the service points. Often there is an online chat, or is your email answered in a very short time. The advantage of this is that you can then process this information in your own time and read it repeatedly so that you can make a better decision. In addition, you are not dependent on opening hours and your employees with knowledge are often present longer than in the store. The only difference is that you can not appeal to these employees.

A large assortment

Since online bicycle stores do not need a showroom, their website fulfills this feature, you can expect a wide range of online bicycle stores. There is no restriction on space, especially if the web store has a large warehouse. So you can expect many different types of bikes in one place, from city bike to race bike and from children’s bike to electric bicycle. This has the advantage that you do not have to drop different stores, looking for the perfect bike. Often you can find the best bike for you at one web store from the wide range.
Why are online bikes cheaper?

Perhaps you have already looked for a new bike online and wonder why these are so much cheaper. And you might have been cut off because you thought something wrong with the bikes or you did not trust it at all. The reason why you can buy a cheaper bike online is unrelated to the bikes or their quality. Also on the internet you can find the best brands and the best versions without being defective or damaged. The reason is the way in which the bikes are offered, namely online, unlike one or more physical stores.
No expensive property required

You will find bicycle shop specialties often in large premises at a prime location somewhere in the city center. This is of course because these stores also want to sell as many bicycles as possible and somewhere in an industrial area or in the fields this is more difficult. These properties are expensive and this money must come from somewhere. For this reason, the prices of the products are higher because they have to be able to pay the rent. Online stores often use one or more service points. Here you can ride your bike, if you wish, but you can also go for maintenance, dismantling, repairs and questions. So you can buy a bicycle cheaper online and benefit from this.
Less staff

An online store also needs less staff, because almost all communication and ordering takes place online. One or two employees with knowledge of the chat, email and order list are sufficient. In addition, a number of major webshops also employ a mechanic, and staff at the various service points. It is often wise to make an appointment because these service points are not always manned and because your bike is often brought here from the warehouse. If you want to buy a cheap hybrid bike online, this does not mean that you will receive less customer service. It is only possible with the same staff to provide the same service.
Older models

Online stores offer the service for you to have your bike the next day. That means a fast delivery, and only when the bike is already in stock. Online stores often buy a large number of bikes at the same time, so they can serve their customers quickly and effectively. These bikes are safe in a department store until someone pushes the button to buy him. It may not be that an online bicycle dealer can accurately estimate which bikes he will sell exactly that season. This is also the reason why you often have to wait for your bike to be ordered and delivered by bike specialist shops. Online stores therefore often have very attractive discounts on cycling from a previous season. These older models are sometimes offered at a 40 percent discount, while the quality is no less. This way you can buy a nice city bike cheaper for a fraction of the new price.

Buy cheap bicycle online; some issues

Buying a cheap bike online is faster, easier and more affordable. However, there are some points that you can take into consideration before deciding to place an order. Always make sure that the store you choose guarantees the products as it may cause a defect afterwards. It is also advisable to check if the webshop is affiliated with a quality mark. This will ensure that you can safely buy your bike from a trusted retailer. It is no harm to read the terms and conditions carefully and look at the rules that the shop is maintaining regarding the return of your bike. In addition, it is useful if the bike is delivered free and fast and you can pay safely. If you still have any doubts, you can always review the reviews of previous customers. Do not forget to look at the reactions of the store to complaints or negative feedback. If you are not sure, you may want to go to another store and buy your cheap mountain bike from a retailer who trusts you.
A roadmap

If you are convinced and want to find and buy your bike online, you can use the following steps to make sure that you order the right bike.

First, determine the type of bike you want to buy, ie a mountain bike, a hybrid bike, a race bike, a city bike, an electric bike etc. The choice depends mainly on what you want to do by bike.
Then determine the bicycle brands you are on, so you can further specialize your search.
Finally, you can determine the type of bike, such as an electric motor with a middle engine or the features you want to see. This includes the type of gear, the size, the size of the wheels, the brake type etc.
Then choose the online store of your choice and look for services such as warranty, return terms, any additional costs, delivery rate and aftercare. It is also unimportant that the store of your choice has your bike in stock and that it is possible to ask any questions from a specialist.
You can then choose to have the bike assembled or you have to put it together at home. In addition, it is sometimes possible that you pick up the bicycle yourself at a service point where you can first get a test drive and immediately complete the guarantee scheme.

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