MUTANG LED Bicycle Lights USB Smart Charging High-brightness Mountain Bike Waterproof Night Ride Searchlight

FUNCTION AND SAFETY THROUGH INNOVATION!Material: aluminum alloy + engineering plasticBrightness: about 700 lumensLamp beads: XPG3X…

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Material: aluminum alloy + engineering plastic
Brightness: about 700 lumens
Lamp beads: XPG3X2
Lens: Acrylic lens
Stalls: High – Medium – Low – Flash – SOS
Range: about 150 meters
Charging time: about 5 hours
Life time: Highlights about 3.5 hours – Zhongliang about 7 hours – Low light about 14 hours
Accessories: lamp holder + USB charging cable + mounting bracket

Charging Compatible: Charging current should be less than or equal to 1 A. It can be plugged to notebook / computer / charging treasure / USB socket / car charger.
Product introduction:This multipurpose bike light provides superior protection for road or mountain bikers, kids and even runners. Keep yourself safe with a bike light that keeps every path you take, every trail you explore, and every shadowy corner of your home clearly visible.Universally mounts to any bike .USB Charging,Save your money and help the environment.

Please update your batteries periodically to keep cycling safe.
DO NOT look at or shine this lamp directly into eyes.
Enjoy lighting with Degbit. Focuses on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted.

Choosing the main bike lamp, or from the use of the LED light source chip, the maximum number of lumens, the drive circuit, battery life, heat dissipation design and whether it is waterproof comprehensive consideration.

Is your car equipped with a headlight? The headlights will become the standard equipment for bicycles in the future. Whether you’re riding a mountain bike, a road bike, a folding bike, or a wagon, if you ride at night, you should install the front and rear lights. The headlights allow others to clearly see the existence of a bicycle in order to ensure the safety of driving! Finally, they must appeal to riders. Don’t forget to use rechargeable batteries as much as possible, and d

    • ★ Standard USB Micro interface, built-in high-capacity lithium battery, use more durable, long life.
    • ★ High-brightness, large-scale floodlight, five-speed adjustable and optional, divided into high brightness – medium brightness – low light – flash explosion – SOS, adapt to various needs in any environment.
    • ★ The body is made of aluminum alloy and engineering plastics. The body is waterproof. It can also work normally in the rain.
    • ★ Detachable design, compact and convenient, anti-slip design with anti-slip mat and 360° rotating lamp holder, can also be used.
    • ★ The installation is easy to dismantle and can be installed and removed without tools.

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