MUTANG Bike Lock Heavy Duty U Bicycle Lock Cable lock Combination Chain Lock High Security Anti-theft Locks Black

U lock & cable lock combination specification: Color: Black Weight: 1024 g Size: 12*1800 mm/71 inch U lock & cable …

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U lock & cable lock combination

Color: Black
Weight: 1024 g
Size: 12*1800 mm/71 inch

U lock & cable lock combination features:
1. Strong anti-theft, Cable and U-lock double protection, high safety performance.
2. Powerful lock, wheel,frame,cushion a lock protection. Extra long cable, one lock, multiple locks, locking fixtures.
3. Alloy steel material, effective anti smashing, anti violence open, anti hydraulic scissors, high safety factor.
4. U lock innovative design, silver part can be rotated to block and protect the keyhole action, prevent keyhole rusty and dust access.
5. An affordable U lock for moderate crime areas 12 mm hardened steel shackle Reinforced collar over key way for increased protection High security disc style cylinder High security Bent Foot design that are more ergonomic and reduce the amount of torque being applied, to stop them bending or breaking.

    • ✔ The bike lock package contains a small U lock and a Velcro. The U lock is thickened and extended. The 14 mm shackle made with hardened steel and a water resistant coating provide heavy duty security for your bike.
    • ✔ Strong locking, Alloy steel, Hardened steel and have double bow hitch in the body of the anti-theft.Resistant to cutting, breaking, sawing and shearing,Cable and U-lock double protection, high safety performance.Make sure your bike is 100% safe!
    • ✔ The surface of the bike lock is made of environmentally silicone rubber and PVC coating technology to do the sheath, to protect the lock surface, non-toxic and tasteless,beautiful and elegant, weatherproof, anti-rust, to prevent injury to the bike.
    • ✔ Expand the locking area,more widely used, applicable to bicycles, motorcycles, baby carriages,Ladder, barbecue rack,doors,Lawn mower and windows, etc.Made from tough hardened steel,this lock is easy to hang on the bike ride or carry it in your bag.
    • ✔ U lock, the silver part can turn, block and protect the keyhole, prevent rust and dust entry. steel cable length: 1.8m cable thickness: 1.2cm, easy to storage.

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