MUTANG Bike Lock Chain Universal Bicycle Lock 5-Digit Combination Lock Anti-Theft Lock Chain For Bike Motorcycles Gates Fences

Bike Cable Lock, Coiling 5-Digit Combination Lock for Bicycles, Keyless & Heavy Duty The Bike Combination Lock boasts a five-digit combination wi…

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Bike Cable Lock, Coiling 5-Digit Combination Lock for Bicycles, Keyless & Heavy Duty
The Bike Combination Lock boasts a five-digit combination with up to 100,000 possible passcodes, making it almost impossible to crack. It adopts a strengthened zinc alloy lock cylinder and strong manganese steel chain, to resist drills and saws. MUTANG provides your bike with comprehensive anti-theft protection of the highest level.

Color: Black
Item Weight: 645.5 g
Total Length: 100 cm
Package Weight: 718.5 g
Package Size: 18.5 cm x 14.7 cm x 4.3 cm
Chain Material: Quality Manganese Steel
Chain Wrapping Material: Polypropylene Fabric
Lock Material: Zinc Alloy & ABS
Default Combination: 00000

How to Reset Combinations
Open the lock with the default combination (00000).
Rotate the built-in rotary knob according to the indicated direction.
Set your new combination. Please make sure each key is aligned with the markings.
Rotate the knob counterclockwise back to its normal position.
Anytime you need to reset the combination, simply repeat the above steps.
Package Contents
1 x Bike Combination Lock
Please ensure the numbers are correctly in place when entering your combination, locking and unlocking. Do not forcibly lock or unlock, to ensure continuous smooth operation.
Please remember your combination well, as the lock cannot be opened without it.

    • ✔ The lock is covered with an ABS shell that won’t crack at low temperatures and won’t deform in high temperatures; zinc alloy lock cylinder that adopts a sealing plug system based on international standards and is du
    • ✔ Unbreakable manganese steel chain is highly wear-resistant, rust-proof and cut-resistant, keeping your possessions safe; the 87 cm (34 in) chain is made of 22 links with a circumference of 94 cm (37 in) when locked, long enough to chain 4 bikes
    • ✔ The advanced 5-digit combination offers up to 100,000 possible combinations, making it nearly impossible to crack and greatly decreases the chance of theft; built-in positioning system ensures the dial can easily be turned into place without any numbers slipping; easy to set any combination; no need to bring keys
    • ✔ Ideal to protect your bikes, electric scooters and motorbikes, but also ladders, lawn mowers, gates, fences, and even sports equipment from being stolen; weighs 645.5 g (1.42 lb) with a length of 100 cm (39.4 in); it is recommended to chain your bike to rails or strong structures to enhance safety levels
    • ✔ The chain is wrapped by a high quality polypropylene fabric, which is scratch-proof and wear-resistant; it protects the chain and prevents it scratching your property

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