LANG TU 26″ Folding Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike, 240W,48V/10A Lithium Battery, Aluminum Alloy Frame & Rim,27 Speeds,Endurance 60~70km,White-Black

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    • Aluminum Alloy Disc Brake/ power-off Brake System, 8 Hours Charging Time. Load bearing 120kg, and instal connecting rod shock absorber frame.
    • Aluminum alloy single beam folding drive type suspension frame.In order to improve the strength of the frame,It adopts aviation high-strength aluminum alloy material and large wide beam type design, and the frame is more robust.
    • The oil pressure locks the aluminum alloy front fork, and adopts the oil spring structure to absorb the shock. The aluminum alloy shoulder cover is durable and comfortable.
    • Use smart LCD meter, accurate speed measurement, 5 grid power display, single riding mileage, riding mileage, riding time backlight switch.
    • In the electric assist mode, the sensing system will adjust for different speeds to stabilize its output. If you have other questions, please contact us.

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